Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sharing through blog is the best doctor

Admist so much noise in the world,a friend is like a man-shaped-visible oxygen,which is needed for a person's personality building,knowledge sharing,psychological support and societal balance.Becoming one's friend,we try to fulfill our own interest vis-a-vis the interest of others.normally,we make friends from our own environment.through internet,we can make friends around the world.but who'll gather courage to help you???whom will you ask for help...cause i've nothing to receive or nothing to lose from you.So,you you can write me for help to help you to the utmost...hey,all of you ladies and gentlemen join me and have a beautiful world of relaxation.....i assure you to help within 7 days....

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My View

Hi I am Nisha. I started this blog to inspire people, who don't believe in themselves. I will share my philosophy with all. Try to stay with me, and let me know whether you like my thoughts or not. Keep in touch.