Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sometimes your life means very valuable to all.I really don't know what's the bond that keep you up for someone else,keep u ahead with some other one and above all they live for you.It's so sweet that sometime in our life we do have to perform some jobs that we don't wanna do actually.But it's good that u live for others,do good to them and enjoy your life in that way.I've nothing to say actually cause i'm writing this blog when i've seen someone died just a while ago.I deeply mourn on our one of the best singer's death named Mr,Abid Shahriar,who just passed away a day ago(innalillahe o inna elahe rajiun),having drowned in Cox's bazar sea-beach.He had left lots of fellows,friends,and well-wishers.We,all together should pray for his departed soul.May his soul rest in peace.....:/